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 Introducing Hindsight

From Dissecting the Euphony:  

"Australia's Modern Metal Unit, The Last Martyr has released a single titled Hindsight. This single was their latest hand fruit in 2021 during the pandemic still leaves an impact on the music industry worldwide.  

Hindsight clearly captured the early 2000 Nu-Metal era combining electronic elements and aggressive styles reminding listeners to Kittie and Marilyn Manson. Vocalists who alternate between clean and deaf are about to burst their throat give a feel that is diverse from feeling sorry to difficulty to break everything. 

Not surprised, because Hindsight shares about the rules of feelings due to a cracked relationship. What I'm most impressed with is a very familiar guitar sound if you've ever been through the 2000 era when Nu-Metal middle peak. To those who want the mainstream Nu-Metal sound, bring a listen to The Last Martyr."  

FFO: Kittie, Marilyn Manson, Poppy, Five Pointe O